Elevate Your Outdoor Space with a Cozy Fire Feature

Fire Feature
If you’re someone who loves to spend time outdoors, whether it’s with friends or family, a fire feature is an incredible addition to your place. Imagine having a pool party or a family cookout and enjoying the warmth and beauty of a fire feature.

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If you’re looking to design your backyard with an inviting fire feature, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best outdoor fire features guaranteed to bring an incredible ambiance to your outdoor home setting:

A Fire Pit

A backyard fire pit is an incredible outdoor fire feature that is affordable and easy to build. It’s perfect for cozy gatherings, whether you do or don’t have a large backyard or patio. Since fire pits are low to the ground, they don’t require chimneys for ventilation.

Moreover, they don’t need permits compared with bigger fireplaces. They can also be custom-built in different sizes and shapes, perfect for fitting with your outdoors. They also come in different materials, so they complement your entire outdoor living space.

When you add a seating ledge or surround the space with Adirondack chairs, you create the perfect place for enjoying a glass of wine or roasting marshmallows with your kids.

A Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is an incredible investment if you have a patio or a backyard pavilion. It can effectively expand your home’s usable living space and offer a fantastic spot for gathering family and friends for a night of dining and entertainment.

Moreover, outdoor fireplaces can be designed in different sizes and shapes and built using materials that complement the style of your home. While your space and budget need to be considered, there are some additions you can put in your fireplace.

For instance, you can have a custom seating ledge, firewood storage, water feature, and accent lighting. While an outdoor fireplace is more expensive to build than other features because of safety regulations and customization, it’s worth the investment.

Since a fireplace needs a chimney and a firebox, it needs proper ventilation for safety. So before you begin the construction of your outdoor fireplace, be sure that your contractor has obtained a building permit and meets local code regulations.

Fire Tables

A fire table is made up of outdoor tables surrounding a fire feature. They’re self-contained units with stylish features and can be built anywhere. They offer warmth and an intimate area for cozy conversations.

Fire tables come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, enhancing your outdoor’s architectural features. Depending on your preferences, you can design your fire table with a propane gas and auto ignition, arctic ice glass rocks, metal or stone accents, tempered glass tops, or weather-resistant finishes.


A fire feature in your outdoors is an incredible addition to your entire living space. It’s a stylish and cozy area where you can spend time catching up with family and friends or enjoy a night alone reading a book and sipping wine. Either way, a fire feature offers a warm and cozy addition to your backyard.

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